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Our Values are based on and inspired by The Seven Grandfather Teachings: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth. 

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We work closely with each other as well as with our stakeholders to positively impact the development of our members as entrepreneurs and as communities.
We believe there is power in numbers and that teamwork yields the best possible results.​



​To us, innovation is not just “invention".

It is what results when technical expertise meets business insight, resulting in new ways to create and grow our economies.



​We are held responsible for our results and effectiveness toward the development of sustainable and vibrant Indigenous communities through the empowerment of Indigenous entrepreneurs. Only through positive environmental, social, and financial outcomes can we all benefit. ​


We hold each other, our stakeholders and our consumers in high regard for our expertise, creativity and teamwork. There are no bad ideas and everyone's voice is heard. We appreciate the work that every individual produces and we understand that respect must be the driving force of our team in order to achieve great success. We are all equals.


Cultural Identity & Protection

​​We respect and embrace the diversity of all Indigenous Peoples, cultural traditions, protocols, and historical experiences related to business development. We will work with each Indigenous business and community to ensure that business opportunities and strategies align with their own cultures, values, and protocols.



We appreciate and respect each other, the stakeholders, the government, the citizens, and most importantly, the land. We strive to make a positive difference for Indigenous businesses and we do so with respect, honesty and integrity.

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